Wayne Gretzky Hockey 3

Sport 1992 Dos Dosbox Bethesda Softworks Hockey

A Great hockey game with good statistical data

The game belongs to the exciting series with the same name and is the last edition to it. It has carried forward the legacy of this series very effectively and has many new features and improvements. The first distinctive feature that you have in this hockey game are the better VGA graphics which makes it more attractive and clear for a smooth gameplay. A longer league has been given this time with more detail on the player stats. The coaching manuals have also been improved and are even more detailed then found in the previous versions. The good thing in this sports game is that not only you have to play well but you also need to ploy good tactics for winning the match. The A1 has been made quite competitive and responds very effectively to the tactics that you use. Longer and more exciting play value is on offer in the league play with this one and the game can be integrated with Hockey League Simulator 2 from Bethesda. The player's controls are very good and the statistical aspect involved in the game is good enough to attract all lovers of sports game who are interested in statistical data.

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