Wheel of Fortune Deluxe

Puzzle 1994 Windows Sony Imagesoft Word or trivia Game show

PC recreation of the famous TV show

Well, almost every person knows about the famous Wheel of Fortune TV show that features contestants that try to solve a word puzzle by both knowledge and luck. They spin the Wheel of Fortune, and for a certain dollar amount, try to guess letters in a Hangman game style and some times, if their luch turns especially bad, the wheel might stop on the Bankruptcy table and then.. You're screwed xD In the TV show, winners of the contest win household appliances or money, and this is a PC conversion of the famous show. You get to hear the voice of the famous show host and enjoy the game as if you are really there. You won't be winning any vacuum cleaners, but you will be getting bonus puzzles and extra points. And you'll be having a serious amount of fun, which is also kind of good. For those who like to watch the TV show will like the chance to play the game themselves on the little computer screen and hear Vanna White talk to you like he really knows you ;) The graphics of the game are good, albeit a little outdated, but you won't mind, since you will be too busy solving puzzles and winning imaginary money. Have fun!

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