Wheel of Fortune 2nd Edition

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More colorful, more diverse in trivia, but just as fun!

This game is the continuation of the Wheel of Fortune game, a puzzler and trivia question type game that used the TV series to balance out its gameplay and to create its digital reproduction out of it. The Wheel of Fortune 2nd Edition is well put together, graphically as well as database wise. The number of questions has increased exponentially from the last one and also, the game features a more diverse cast of characters to choose from. The graphics also have seen some improvement, making the game a bit more dynamic as well as more sharp and polished. So, if you loved the first one you'll love this one, and if you kind of hated the first one, this might change your mind about the series. The other improvement, while subtle, might be important for some, and has to do with the sound, which has seen some improvements, in that the game uses sound effects that seem more closely related to the game, seem to make more sense in this kind of gaming environment. At any rate, if you don't quite love the premise of Wheel of Fortune games in general, or this particular game's delivery, you might want to try Jeopardy! 3rd Edition as it is also reliant on trivia but packs it under different rules. May luck be with you!

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