Double Dare

Puzzle 1988 Dos Dosbox GameTek Word or trivia Game show

Super puzzle game

The game basically involves puzzles and is based on some game show which did not make it big on television. The game is quite similar to Jeopardy in terms of the gameplay but has some very original elements in terms of the puzzles and the questions that it has. The game kicks off and you start to throw eggs on a clown to earn the initial $10 for starting the game which turns out into a typical trivia. You will be asked question and have to choose the answers from there different options. If you think that your opponent does not know the answer to the question, you can ask them to answer it and if they do, then they will be getting double the amount of money. Similar is the case if they dare you to answer the question. The other twist in the game is that if your dare your opponent and the opponents dares you back, you will be getting four times the original money if you answer that right. The UI is very interactive and supporting the graphics in the game are on an average note. However it is the exciting bit of questions and puzzles which make it really fascinating. It goes like Super Password which is also loved by gamers.

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