Wheel of Fortune Golden Edition

Puzzle 1989 Dos Softie Word or trivia Education Game show

An updated version of the game

Wheel of Fortune Golden Edition is a virtualization of a TV show type game, though, if you grew up in the 70s, and even later, it might be that you've found a version of this game at certain fares and other such congregations. Also, Wheel of Fortune Golden Edition updates the graphics, has a lot more trivia questions and a lot more prizes and also more interesting characters, NPCs, to play against. The best thing about this version of Wheel of Fortune is that in terms of atmosphere, it also is a much more interesting kind of game; that is so because it has got better music, and better snippet dialogues, interjections and what not from the AI participants. As was the case with the original, you can play in single player mode and you can also play against other human opponents, in hot seat mode, making this a great party game, for those that love raffle and fortune themed game. As a problem of this one, I would way that the studio environment in which it is located could have been changed or, at the least, a few more studios/backgrounds could have been included, but then again, with only one the game is still highly playable.

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