Simulation 1996 Windows LavaMind Trade or management Strategic scope

Let's make lots of money!

If you love your turn-based strategy and board game-style experiences, then this unusual little experience from the makers of Gazillionaire will be right up your alley. It combines a delicious sense of humor with some clever mechanics and compelling gameplay to great effect and should be sought out by anyone looking for an original title. The setting here finds you on the fictional island of Zapinalia, which has just been opened up for commerce after a thousand years of isolation. It's your job to simply make as much money as possible which is achieved by trading in just about anything you can imagine, with some pretty exotic goods on offer here. However, your attempts to build your empire will not go unmatched, and you have up to five human or computer opponents trying to best you. There are many ways to make your money, and you'll need to trade in stocks and shares, negotiate with unions, sabotage your enemies, build up stores and explore the uncharted islands beyond your realm. Zapitalism really is a cracking piece of strategy gaming. Although the concept might have been seen in many other titles, it's the execution here which really makes this so appealing. The humor and sense of fun is infectious so you won't be able to stop playing, but despite this, there's no lack of depth or complexity so you have no worries about its longevity. The mechanics are easy to pick up but tricky to master, and there's a lot to think about as you make your moves, which also bumps up the replay value. The interface could have been a little better but apart from this, this is a fine game.

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