Theme Park

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox Bullfrog Business Trade or management Tycoon style Building Simulation Managerial

Build your own amusement park

Theme Park, this is what started the whole "Themed" business god-simulator craze. It predeceases Theme Hospital, which many people have also played as opposed to Theme park. You are in control of a business enterprise, that is a theme park; just opening it's doors for business, for the first time. Like most simulator games, like Sim City 2000, you begin your world from scratch. It is a god simulator, so either your view is from where god sits, or you are just some rich guy in the sky. You build footpaths, amusement attractions, rides, ticket booths and everything else that comes with maintaining these rides for the customers. The graphics were amazing for an early DOS/WINDOWS game, you can see your unique customers all walking around the level, doing various actions such as riding the roller coaster. The computer animation in the cut scenes were also far ahead of their time. This is a highly addictive game, with no real end or purpose to the game (much like Sim City) the only objective being, to successfully run your theme park. A great game with a lot of different options to build employee facilities, facilities for the customers and rides. You are constantly bombarded with common problems of running a Theme Park, so you are always kept busy to keep all your employee's and customers satisfied. A great overall game, fun to play, with a serious side and a game that really set the standard for all simulation games.

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