Wing Commander: The Secret Missions 2

Simulation 1991 Dos Dosbox ORIGIN Systems Space combat Space flight

Solid add-on to a great game

If you're looking for a way to improve the already excellent Wing Commander, then this mission add-on pack does pretty much what you want. It's the second such pack for the classic space combat sim, following the original Secret Missions, which added in 16 new missions based around a linear campaign structure. This one follows pretty much the same formula, with a further 16 missions as well as extras like new ships. The story here revolves around the bird-like Firekkans who are negotiating to enter the Terran Confederation, but when the dreaded Kilrathi show up, things obviously go a bit pear-shaped. What follows is a good example of the series' trademark epic and cinematic form of storytelling, with plenty of twists and turns and some colourful new characters to keep you entertained. It is however, highly linear and lacks the branching structure of the main game, which is slightly disappointing but which is just a minor niggle and as this is an add-on it's not a big deal. The new ships are pretty cool too, with some nice Kilrathi craft to take control of as you engage in covert missions and the like and which further add to the game's appeal. There's not much else of note though and the basic gameplay remains the same as the original, with the same graphics and sound. The missions do offer some nice variety though and it is fun to get to grips with the new craft, while the story itself is as engaging and well told as ever. If you're a Wing Commander fan, then this add-on is a good bet, but if you've never played the game, then start with the original and work your way up to this.

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