Wing Commander: Unknown Enemy

Simulation 2002 Windows Flight Space combat Space flight

Average fan-made add-on that's strictly for fans

The Wing Commander franchise is one which shouldn't really need much introduction, as it has now become a legendary entry into videogaming history, thanks to its mix of hi-octane space flying thrills and complex, galaxy spanning narrative. The high regard with which the series is largely held is revealed in the many awards that have been handed out and by the existence of add-ons such as Unknown Enemy. Although many official expansion packs have been released, such as Vengeance of the Kilrathi and The Secret Missions, there are also some unofficial, fan-made ones out there too, of which this is an example. Unfortunately, while the creators' ambition and the game's scope must be applauded, the result is something which is only really suited to die-hard fans of the games. It offers a brand new story set around the time of Wing Commander Prophecy and which takes place in the Border Worlds. You also have a new carrier with associated crew as well as heaps of new animations, voices and other such extras. The story is certainly complex enough and feels like it fits at home in the WC universe but it is undeniably fan-fiction that suffers from the usual problems of such material. The eleven missions on display here are reasonable enough but like other aspects of the game lack the polish and shine that fans have come to expect. It does feel somewhat harsh knocking what is obviously intended as a loving tribute to a favourite game and as long as you enter into Unknown Enemy in the right frame of mind, you are likely to enjoy it. However, its appeal is limited to series fans who can appreciate the work which went into this.

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