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See you, space cowboy..

Terminus is a very well thought out and detailed space simulation game (like Hyperspeed and Elite) with you in the lead role as a lowly simple pilot, not aware of the political tension between the three forces in the future's space organizations. Over time, you will have to pledge your allegiance to one of the main players, or you can choose to stand by your own, as a mercenary given tasks which you must perform to make some cash. Of course, you start off as a nobody in a simple boat and with some cash, and with that money you can upgrade your vessel or save up money to buy a new one. You can organize and design your ship in various interesting way, and the design concepts are most often really cool and efficient. The game is not too hard to the player, since it allows him to lose, the main thing is to keep a reputation high and not get killed too many times. The graphics and design of the ships is incredibly detailed, with smooth texture and nice coloring. The sound effects are modest but efficient. Space lovers will definitely like the game for the cool action, interesting story and great detail. Also, you get to fly a space ship! Recommended.

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