Forbidden Castle

Adventure 1985 Dos Dosbox Mindscape Horror

A relatively nuanced save-the-princess interactive story

In Forbidden Castle you will play a sort of a Prince Charming figure, one that has to go in this castle and retrieve the princess! Oh, boy, you'll say, the feminists will want this game forgotten, buried and never unearthed again! But, no, wait a second, in truth, once you start to play you find out that this theme, of the damsel in distress is not really central to the game. Nope, instead, what makes this one special and much more attractive, is the fact that it has very meaningful choices, sprinkled, here and there, in the narrative. Nothing Earth shattering, mind you, but just nice enough tidbits that add to the entire recipe and make it much more palatable than before. So, with that said, if you like romance stories but also enjoy interactive fiction, this might just prove to have enough consistency to be worthwhile. Nope, it's not that great, well written, emotional or heart wrenching game, but it sure is a good enough one. So, sure, try it, but also download Stephen King's The Mist, which is just a superb choose your own adventure adaptation.

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