Dark Tower

Strategy 2002 Windows Michael Bommer Board games Fantasy Action Adventure Indie Rpg

Milton Bradley board game sim

The original board game of which this game is a digital simulation was a multiplayer game, for up to 4 people, 2 or 4, no odd numbers, which played out as a race around a circular board, following a quest to locate a key, key which will allow them to attack the tower. Anyway, it is pretty convoluted but it can be interpreted as a fantasy story, maybe a bit more abstracted than some other games, but you'll get it as you play. It works based on luck, based on strategy and also on deception to a very small degree, though this is kind of lost on the PC remake! Given that the social side is so important to play ruses, the videogame should only be attempted and played for tutorial purposes. I mean, if you want an adventure in a fantasy land, why not go for the real deal and play, say, Heroes of the Lance, some Wizardry game or any of the Golden Box RPGs of yore. So keep Dark Tower around for tutorial purposes only, and if you stumble on an original Dark Tower boxed board game you'll be able to teach yourself how to play it without bothering your friends!

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