Iron Dragon

Strategy 2000 Windows Eden Studios Board games Fantasy Business

Build railroad tracks and deliver cargo

Iron Dragon is a computer version of a very good board game and is a sequel to Empire Builder, another fantastic board game turned to PC. So, what is this game about? Well, its sort of an empire management game, but instead of building cities, you are building railroad tracks that you use to deliver goods to various cities across the very big map. You have only one train and three contracts in your hand to fulfill at all times, and a successful delivery will earn you a lot of money that will enable you to build more tracks and connect more cities. There are a lot of strategic points, though - tracks don't cost the same in different terrains, and there are always some kind of problems you can run into that can almost ruin your job, such as floods. Iron Dragon is way, way better than the original game. It is a perfect manifestation of the board game, and will give you the equal amount of fun, if not better. The graphics are just spectacular, with rich detail and beautiful, bright colors. The game is interesting, demanding and fun, if you're into building games. Recommended! For other board games turned PC games, check out the game Dark Tower.

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