Puzzle 1995 Windows Soleau Software Word or trivia Casual

English words based puzzler; pretty well executed

Wordle is a fun grid puzzler, word based, with an English based vocabulary, that allows you to learn new English words. The idea of the game is the following; you have a grid formed out of 25 squares, arranged in a 5x5 pattern. The grid is filled with a few random letters, and from there you have to choose the ones that can possibly form a word. Depending on the size of the word, you will be able to get more points. Also, the idea is that you have to choose letters adjacent to one another. Also, another cool thing about this game is that it will automatically detect the words you've created, so that won't have to be an action you look into. Also, the game's vocabulary is relatively extensive, but it lacks the words of certain fields, you know, different jargons. But in terms of relatively common terms, it's got them all. The game is more of a relaxing one, as you just look to spot words in there, so it can draw you in. Graphically it's nothing extraordinary. It looks DOS like, even if it was released in 95. But it works and is easy to control. Furthermore, download a Scrabble game for another words based game.

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