Word Crazy

Puzzle 1995 Windows Silversun Word or trivia

4 minigames from the dictionary heavyweights Merriam and Webster

Word Crazy is a bundle of four minigames, all four of them based on word manipulation; the games are Letter ball, in which you have to form a word starting with the letters that you are given, the other one is based on word manipulation, and is called Chain Reaction, more like a cross word puzzle; the other one is Word Wrap, again sort of like a word making puzzler with letters already given, and, then you have Missing link, which gives you a set of words, and a bundle of words. You have to decide which word fits in the set from the ones in the bundle. It's a great way to learn new English words, strengthen your vocabulary, and, overall, get a satisfying word based workout (!) graphically it's an apt game, looks great, the controls are i8mmediate and simple to get. So give the game a go, it sure is worth it. Similarly Scrabble can sort of give you the same kind of mental exercise, but, in a more game like environment, in which you play against other AI or human opponents, not just your own score.

Good educational with words

The most enjoyable yet frustrating word game I have ever played. While simple in concept for the four games the gradually more difficult play made this a game I could not help but return to. For those who consider themselves wordsmiths they will find their mettle challenged while climbing the ladder to ultimate word mastery.

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