World Class Chess

Simulation 1987 Dos Softcorp Board games Chess Strategic scope

Minimalist graphically, well produced, a bit too slow...

World Class Chess is a straightforward, professional, no thrills chess game. Graphically it only offers you the bare minimums, no extensive array of chess tables or chess sets, but, what it offers you is quite enough to justify playing it. Because the Ai is alright, there are a few difficulty levels in there, and also, you have a non intrusive hint system, to use whenever you want to learn something about a strategy, or just want to get a hint as to what the opponent might want to do next. It also uses only black and white as a color scheme, which I personally love, as it helps me concentrate on the game at hand. Anyway, it's pretty much a good chess game, minimalist. If you want a more fully fledged, with lots of additions, lots of additional portions, see some of the later Chessmaster series releases. Otherwise, those that love a nonintrusive, very lite chess game will find this one a very playable offering, even if it might be aided by increasing the processor speed in your DosBox!

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