Lazer Chess

Simulation 1992 Dos David Kujawski Chess Strategic scope

Addictive chess variation with mirrors and a laser beam!

In Lazer Chess each player's king is a wielder of a deadly laser, while the other pieces on the table have either mirrors (the pawns have forward looking mirrors, the castles have 90 degrees mirrors, the rooks have angle changing mirrors, and the queen has a dot mirror) or some other light manipulation device. The idea is to protect your king from being hit by the laser light, while you want to find a way to get a direct hit to the enemy's king, or, for that reason, to any other piece on the table. Cool enough, the queen can avoid laser light from all directions. Of course, classic take downs are still possible, but the laser strategies are really cool and put a futuristic spin on the game. Graphically, Lazer Chess looks more than acceptable. The field is black with white indentations, while the pieces are red and blue, top down, a little jagged, but easily readable. Absolutely fantastic find for any classic chess player that loves to get into a slightly different game. Plus, the game skirmishes last a lot less, so those that hate never ending chess games will find a great game in this one. Worth it 100 percent!

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