My Chess

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One of the earliest graphical chess games

You'd really be impressed by this game judging that it was produced in 79 (though indeed, released for DOS much later - in 84)! Yep, certainly not the oldest chess games delivered via CPU's and screens, but still, one of the first. And, the list of interesting factoids doesn't end here; nope, this game has as a developer none other than David Kittinger, the very same person that would come to develop the world famous Chessmaster series, though, of course, no longer on his own. And so, My Chess is first and foremost a staple in time, a game that recreated chess when chips were still designed on graph paper, and, to think that that kind of technology was capable of simulating an actually interesting player, which could actually beat you at chess, that is really something worth thinking about! Because, My Chess is a game that can still be playable, to my surprise looks alright, in 2D, in black and white only and also, controls fairly easily. And, adding even more awe to the mix, the game has bit of a tutorial too, which, judging by its size, is simply amazing! Yes, play it, and of course, have your favorite Chessmaster title around. But don't think that chess programs were not playable and at times even mind numbingly complex, even in their most pioneering of times.

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