World War II: Battles of South Pacific

Strategy 1993 Dos Quantum Quality Productions World Wars Naval Action

Naval themed wargame with real time action elements

World War II: Battles of South Pacific combines two major gameplay modes: one that is tactical, and that sees you deploying your naval forces in the Pacific Ocean during the second World War, and the other half is a shooting game. The strategy game sees you managing the oceanic theatre of war from an isometric top down perspective, very useful for planning your mission and for choosing how to deploy your forces to take advantage of the situation. In terms of diversity of missions you will not be disappointed. The entire array of missions and situations that have been recorded historically are to be found in this game. This means that you will ultimately have a great time, hopping from scenario to scenario, trying to hunt down other naval vessels, or to bring down planes or try to spot enemy submersibles. The game doesn't disappoint and, furthermore, the turn based engine allows you the time to formulate as intricate a strategy as you would like, making use of as many tactics as you see fit. A similar themed game would be The Grandest Fleet, which you might also like, but World War II: Battles of South Pacific is definitely more finely tuned and more easy on the beginner player, so, definitely, start with this one.

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