World at War: Stalingrad

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox Avalon Hill World Wars War

Battle Isle like, but less polished

World at War: Stalingrad is a cookie cutter grade wargame, set in the WWII. However, it's not a game to really crave, especially if you'll get convinced that a game called Stalingrad will do justice to the location and the historical period tie in suggested. Nope, it does indeed feature the units of the period, as well as offering the possibility to engage in the period set piece tactics, but the accuracy and the detail of the simulation are both lacking. Basically, you'll end up playing all missions the same – making sure you have your supplies routes arranged (which, even if you're not very pretentious, you'll find that they bear little resemblance to the real time period pieces) and just engage in not that interesting attacks or defense. Nope, if you don't particularly care for the Stalingrad conflagration per se, you'd be much better off, gameplay wise with other Battle Isle games that simply offer more variety. But when a game almost renders itself unplayable, by making artillery almost unusable (during the night), by means of decreasing the damage done, it's just not in the cards as a good idea. So, you can easily skip this one, go for Clash of Steel rather

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