Grandest Fleet, The

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox Quantum Quality Productions War Naval

A great sequel to Lost Admiral

Lost Admiral 2 never saw a release and therefore this game is still considered as a fine sequel to the original Lost Admiral because a lot of depth and upgrades have been induced in it along with the original elements. It can also be said that the Lost Admiral in the form of this game has been fabricated with some fine and detailed VGA graphics which have made the game much more attractive and inviting. Being a game involving a lot of strategic decision making, the records of the users or the players are kept in a large database as they advance on in levels or ranks in the game. The flagship of the players in all the scenarios of the game has also been made stronger than the original version. The most prominent upgrade to the game part form the VGA graphics is the improvement that has been made in the A1. When the difficult level in the game rises, some of the weakness in the A1 is exposed but these weaknesses can be compensated through the use of cheats. The resources or the variety in the game is however quiet diverse and the controls and the UI are very good. I have seen these features in Metal Marines but the gameplay that this game has is a bit superior.

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