Grandest Fleet 2, The

Strategy 1995 Dos Dosbox Quantum Quality Productions Naval

More of an upgrade to the orignal vesrion

It's a classic naval strategy game which has been made as a diverse upgrade to the original grandest fleet. Though the game never went through a release but is still good classic strategy game which is worth a try anytime. It is not a sequel to the original game and is more of an upgrade because it uses almost the same graphics and the gaming engine which we saw with the original one. The graphics are however very good for a classic strategy game and the A1 is very tough because it gives you a large variety of different naval scenarios. The scenarios this time is very much diverse as more and more elements to consider have been poured into the gameplay. The economics in the game is also far better because every move that you make has some logical outcome which makes it easy for you to make the decision. Some elements of realism have also been added to the combat sequences in the game but still the elements of creativity and fun is intact. Overall you can sum up this game as an exciting naval strategy which can be thoroughly enjoyed. I also like Man of War which has good strategic and action elements.

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