Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord

Simulation 2000 Windows 1C Company War Historical Turn based Strategy

The WW2 enthusiasts will enjoy it

Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord is a strategy game released in 2000 by Battlefront. This game is one of the most interesting titles dedicated to the Second World War, being another pleasant surprise that raised controversies. In this tactical wargame you will join the American, British, Polish, French, Canadian, or the German army, and the events follow the Invasion of France until the end of war. Your objectives are based on defending and conquering certain subjects, areas, targets, before your enemies get ahead of you. The battlefield contains infantry units, command squads, heavy weaponry, gunmans, machine guns, infantry forward observers and so forth. Every military troop has its own experience, skills and general state, that can suffer changes during battles. The evolution of the followed strategies are influenced by the troops experience and traits, by the types of terrains or by the exposure to the enemies gunfire. If your troop has suffered serious damage, its turn will be available only after a certain time that is announced automatically. This game deserves appreciation, even if its interface is a bit difficult to get used to. Also, another inconvenient aspect is that you don't have the possibility to control your own units in real-time. This disadvantage rejects the idea of a genuine tactical game. The vehicles and the war elements are represented very well, but the graphics are poor, and the player will sense this high difficulty in almost every action. Despite these negative features, I am sure that the WW2 enthusiasts will enjoy it.

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