Simulation 2001 Windows Osiris Games War

The music industry simulation/manager

Chartwars is a very rare simulation game, focused on the economics, scouting and the joy of striking gold with a great band, in a sort of 90s like environment. Yep, if you wanted to be a music business mogul, this is the game to be in. It all starts with scouting for new acts; the game features cool sounding watering holes and other such places where you can find new talent. From there it's on to signing deals (that rip off the artist and put money in your pockets!) and it's all about finding the right time to deploy singles, have good albums (commercial, so that the charts will accept your music!). It's a bit of a tongue in cheek game, sort of making fun of the behemoth recording industry of the 90s. Though it is never specified what time the game takes place, it's 90s roots are undeniable. There are PR representatives, there are talent scouts and there is enough love in the world of the game for pop music, to last a decade! Graphically, it's mostly about charts and math, but it's still fun, even with its DOS heavy looks. So, if you want to find the next Britney Spears, this is the game to go for! Something music related but different is also Music Construction Set, if you actually want to learn a few things about music, and even compose your own hits!

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