World War II GI

Action 1999 Dos Dosbox Infogrames Military

A loved shooter game

It is first person shooter game based on the same World War 2 theme which has been the case with many games. The game though has a very common theme but has some original elements which makes it stand apart. Starting with the shooting perspective, the shooting action is far spread and dynamics and you have a variety of different guns and ammo which you can choose on demand. The variety in terms of the missions is great and involves the same missions that took place on the D-Day. The game has a very good and competitive A1 because the enemies will really take you out if you are lethargic in responding to the attacks and weak in some of the strategic attack decisions. The controls are so swift that you can really blast into the shooting action and can shoot in all dimension. The power ups in the game really enhance the gameplay and makes the player go more destructive with the shooting. You can customize the scenarios and the environments which are already very well designed and non-repetitive. The graphics are very alluring and have many characters in the game that are quite creatively designed. The action is like the one we see in Meteor.

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