Ant Attack PC

Action 1999 Windows Quicksilva Cartoon Military

Recreation of the ZX Spectrum isometry champion!

Ant Attack on the ZX Spectrum was a game that far exceeded the wildest expectation of what that BASIC fueled machine could ever manage to achieve, from a graphical standpoint. In fact, many regard the original Ant Attack as the first ever game to put isometry on the graphical map, a type of view that would later come to be used so frequently in RPGs, action games, strategies, and so much more. At any rate, this DOS version, released in 1999 keeps things simple: it takes the ideas of the original, its level layouts and the gameplay mechanics, and just ports them for the DOS platform, with just a slight graphical update. The huge ants are still black and white and the levels are still cubes with altitudes simulated by the stacking isometric effect. You still have to run to save your life and have to take refuge at higher heights, where ants can't reach you. Deep down inside this is an arcader not unlike PAC Man, though, at first glance, it might not seem so. But what you ultimately have to do is pay attention to the ant invasions, make sure you take refuge when taking refuge is needed and also, make sure you reach your destination unharmed. Yes, it is a simple game, maybe too simple for today's action packed gamescape, but it sure is worth trying, at least for the historical value of it all.

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