Action 1999 Windows Military

A mash of Commando and Cannon Fodder

Meteor is a cool top down non isometric shooter game, in which you control one Sergeant Ash, and his trusted commando of foot soldiers. The main idea of the game is that you have to go through all the 13 missions, one after the other, and in your pursuit kill all the baddies, and also solve some of the key and keyhole puzzles. It's a simple shooter, but it has a bit of an edge, mainly delivered by the inclusion of the strategy (mainly tactical) portion, as you have to also command the squad you're accompanied by; though this portion of the game doesn't change things up drastically, just adds a certain allure to it all. It's like a lesser Cannon Fodder, if you will, but the game is like an arcade Commando mainly; And so, if a good action game is what you were looking for, this one will certainly deliver; it's very satisfying, simple, straightforward, and also very nice overall, produced in a very gnarly and yet direct fashion. You'll love it, as it's sure loads of great fun. Have it in your collection!

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