M.I.A.: Missing In Action

Action 1998 Windows GT Interactive Military Flight shooter

I loved the destructive helicopters

It a helicopter game involving 3D action and a great chunk of diverse elements which makes it a very good choice for all hardcore action game lovers. Starting with the plot, the game is based upon the Vietnam War and you play as a helicopter pilot who will be performing various missions against the Vietnamese. The missions include conquering enemy bases, rescuing the missing ones and to provide back up to some damage helicopters. Every mission in the game is very different from the other and the enemies that you have will constantly try to smoke you out of the air and on to the ground. You will be getting a new and different helicopter for every mission and these helicopters will have their distinct traits in the form of speed and the variety of weaponry. A new helicopter will mean more destructive weaponry to inflict increased damage. A radar will show you where the enemies are positioned along with the position of your friendly troops. The gameplay in terms of the shooting is very addictive because the shooting action is very smooth and is easily controllable with dead accuracy. While you play the game, you also have the option to bring in Seal support, artillery support, drop grenades, smoke flares etc. Games like Return Fire also have some good features but this game is far beyond the conventional action games.

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