Worms World Party

Strategy 2001 Windows Hexacto Games Organized forces Real time

Hilarious multi-player destruction (with worms!)

One of the earlier releases in the long-running Worms franchise, this features many of the hallmarks which have made the series justifiably successful, including a warped sense of humour, deliciously inventive weapons and hugely fun multi-player action. Worms is a combination of Lemmings and Cannon Fodder and the basic principle of the game is simple: each player controls a team of worms and, through clever use of both weapons and the fully destructible environments, must destroy the opposing worms. Gameplay is turn-based, with each player having a limited time to move and shoot before play passes on, and this really adds to the pressure and the enjoyment value. However, it is in the weapons that Worms impresses and the creativity on display here is fantastic. Your arsenal includes standard fare like missiles and land mines, but quickly expands to include napalm, banana bombs, the Holy Hand Grenade and the legendary Concrete Donkey, and it is hugely entertaining witnessing the effects they can have on the environment and your enemies (or even your own worms!). While World Party's gameplay remains largely unchanged from previous instalments, this really isn't a problem as it is simply so much fun and is truly a classic multi-player experience, with a surprising amount of depth for such a light-hearted game. The worms themselves are full of personality, the graphics simple but effective and there are few gaming moments quite so hilarious as watching a worm blast itself in the face with a poorly timed missile or unleashing the unpredictable but oh-so-deadly Super Sheep onto the battlefield. Priceless!

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