Worms Armageddon

Strategy 1999 Windows MicroProse Organized forces Real time Turn based Tactical Action

Napalm strike your friends worms!

Worms Armageddon is arguably one of the most well known and best games of the Worms series. It features many hilarious weapons that are new and unique to the Worms series. The overall feel, weapons and animation of the game is far more comical than it's predecessors. It builds on weapons such as dynamite and the banana bomb and introduces weapons such as the granny bomb (which essentially is a grandma that walks towards your worm like lemmings and blows up). The game is most fun to play with your friends. The game is a little bit like playing Scorched Earth combined with a Battle Chess game, as the game is turn-based and can host more players than can fit in a room. If you have played Liero, or any of the original Worms games then you probably know all about Worms Armageddon by Team 17. It is definitely worth still playing, however this game spawned many rip off ports, such as on the Nintendo Gameboy, so stay away from these versions and stick with the PC. This game is still fun to play by yourself and demolishing your way through the terrain to get to your enemies like in Red Faction, will never get old. Some things are unique to this game, like baseball batting your enemies into the the sea, building girders to protect yourself from napalm strikes and of coarse the most classic of all teleporting behind your enemy. Remember to go for the weapon creates, when they get dropped in between rounds. Learn how to be skilled at using your ninja rope and parachute and you will master this game before it gets boring. All around a classic worth playing or revisiting any day of the week.

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