X-COM: Enforcer

Action 2001 Windows Infogrames Science Fiction Third Person Shooter Strategy Sci fi

X-COM Arcade Mode

Enforcer is a radical departure from the rest of the X-COM series. It's a side story that takes place during the time of the original game. An X-COM scientist's project is terminated for being too impractical, so he leaves and continues working on his giant death robot, the Enforcer, by himself. He sends the Enforcer out on missions where aliens are detected and lets it work. You play the Enforcer. Instead of a turn based tactical strategy game, Enforcer is more like an arcade shooter., like a 3d Gauntlet. You have a basic blaster with infinite ammunition and blast aliens as they appear, cleaning out the level. Power-ups like armor, weapons, time stoppers, and extra lives appear frequently. The aliens that make up the game are almost all taken from the existing rogues gallery of the original X-COM game, with some artistic liberties taken. The "X-COM" portion of the game comes in-between missions. You can upgrade each weapon with "research points" collected from killed aliens, or develop new ones once they're discovered. Weapons include rail guns, spread guns, flame throwers, shotguns, nuclear missiles, and more. They just keep getting more and more outrageous, which is a good thing, since the aliens also get more and more threatening. There is LAN capability so multiple Enforcers can team up at once. By that virtue alone I would recommend this game. It's hard to find a good co-op game anymore. It's a great arcade action game that is never too difficult, and that's part of the fun. You'll kill outrageous amounts of aliens and have a ball doing it. Enforcers are much sturdier than the soldiers from the original game.

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