Action 2002 Windows Fishtank Interactive Science Fiction Third Person Rpg

Find your destiny

Archangel certainly doesn't compare with classic adventures like the original Tomb Raider or the Darksiders games, but if you're looking for a low rent alternative and don't mind your games looking a bit cheap and cheerful, then this might prove of interest. It's a third person hack 'n' slash adventure that mixes an intriguing storyline with some decent action and which should just about keep you entertained for a couple of hours. You take the control of a man who's lost his memory after a car accident but who finds himself given a quest by the mysterious Lord of Light to save humanity. You're also handed a rather natty sword and then sent off to explore three distinct realms, the middle ages, the future and the land of darkness, in your effort to save the world. The game itself is a traditional adventure, mostly focusing on combat but with light RPG elements through the inclusion of quests and other such elements. You've got a range of weapons to try out as well as the ability to shapeshift, which adds in some extra interest. In terms of concept, this is decent enough. There's plenty of stuff to do, with enough exploration and combat to keep you busy for a while and which is mostly satisfying. The storyline is surprisingly decent and should keep you hooked to the end, with enough twists and turns to entertain evven the most jaded of gamers. The game does lose a few points in its visuals and overall feel, as it does look a bit cheap in its interface and design, but apart from this, this is a sound, if unmemorable, adventure.

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