Queen: The Eye

Action 1998 Windows Electronic Arts Science Fiction Third Person

Person action adventure set in a steampunk/Victorian universe

Queen: The Eye, at first, looks like a third person adventure game, but soon enough you will learn that your player character has quite a few moves up its sleeve. While not the most important aspect in an adventure game, the speed with which your character moves around in Queen: The Eye is quite high when he's walking, as it is when he's running about. Yes, it's one of those immediate aspects that you notice, that simply make some of the later, slower portions more bearable. At any rate, this is a cool game, with a Sci Fi/steampunk/Victorian feel to it. It mostly reminded me of Syberia in terms of looks, while storywise, it's more in line with, say, a combination of Indiana Jones and Silent Hill. Yep, the action is mostly about putting zomboid robots at sleep, but there are also chase sequences or activities that are timed, which requires you to work as speedily as you can. At any rate, Queen: The Eye it's a playable, fun adventure action combination, great for the steampunk atmosphere and the great third person feel.

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