X-Games: Pro Boarder

Sport 1998 Windows Electronic Arts Winter sports

Seriously cool snowboarding action

Anyone on the lookout for a winter sports-themed bit of gaming action that is a little more modern than the likes of Ski or Die, Ski Free or Skiking would be well advised to check out Pro Boarder. As the name suggest, it is a snowboarding game which offers a slick and exciting mix of downhill action and stunts that is perfect for when you can't hit the piste. There are plenty of game modes on display here and which should provide most players with enough thrills to keep them entertained for a while. Half pipe sees you hurtling down the pipe, pulling stunts and tricks in a bid to rack up points, while downhill is a straightforward race against time down an epic course which also includes plenty of rails, cars and airplanes that just happen to litter the course. Big air jump is a short but sweet thrill ride that sees you taking on a giant jump and attempting to pull off the wildest stunt possible and with other modes providing further variations on these themes. Pro Boarder has to be at the top of any sports fan's list of games, providing as it does a fine blend of action and excitement. There's a huge range of moves to discover here, both real and fantasy, which are fairly easy to pull off to start with thanks to the game's intuitive and slick control system, but with more complex combos and stunts providing heaps of challenge. Pro Boarder scores highly too with its visuals, which are well animated, smooth and have a great sense of speed, while the licensed soundtrack is cool and trendy (for the 1990s!) with plenty of variety. Really, if you're looking for a snowboarding game, this has to be high on the list, alongside Boarder Zone, as it provides accessible fun but with the depth to provide some long-lasting appeal.

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