Ski King

Sport 1996 Dos Dosbox Axe Productions Winter sports

Simple but fun skiing sim

Skiing is not exactly a sport which has leant itself to many classic or memorable games over the years, with only the likes of Ski or Die really standing out. However, for any winter sports fans in search of a little undemanding arcade fun, then Ski King is actually a pretty decent attempt to rectify this issue and provides an enjoyable diversion for a while. Despite its name however, the game isn't all about skiing, with snowboards, tractors and sledges all making an appearance over the course of the fifty levels on display here. The basic aim of Ski King is pretty much the same though, no matter what mode of transport you use and simply involves making your way down the hill, avoiding the myriad trees that get in your way. A time limit adds to the challenge, with high scores available for the fastest times, and for every ten levels that are completed, the player is rewarded with an extra life. A neat feature of the game is that the hills are all randomly generated, so the trees are never in the same place, which certainly adds to the challenge and which should bring you back for another attempt to beat your score. That's about all there is to Ski King, but this is no bad thing really. The graphics are simple but certainly do their job well enough, and there is a suitably high speed to the game and which makes the action fast and fun. The controls are equally simple but are fortunately very responsive, making playing the game a breeze. Ski King is about as basic as they get, but is undeniably enjoyable and addictive and makes for a decent enough timewaster. Check out Ski Free for a similar slice of snowy action.

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