Yahtzee DeLuxe

Puzzle 1991 Dos Frank J. Grau Cards

A sort of Poker, but with dice

I'm comparing this game to Poker, though surely it has its own characteristics and its own play style, but its management of luck versus tactical play and deception are of its own making. Thus, in order to play and win you have to actually take some risks, but ultimately it's a question of honing the odds in your favor and making the right bets. I think I played this as a minigame inside of Port Royale, though I think this one's rules are a bit more intricate. At any rate, it's a an alright dice game, certainly not that much helped by the fact that it seems to be a digitization of a social game, but then again, maybe some people are not meant to play such games for real money, against real people, hehe! Well, graphically I'd say it's pretty sterile a game, not the kind of game you would love looking at, but then again, it's not a bad experience either; at least the colors are neutral, shades of blue, so it won't bruise your eyes. Give it a try anyway; if you're looking for a fun dice games, this sure packs quite a bit of that, especially if you love poker games and would like a spin on such card games.

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