Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim

Action 2003 Windows Konami Third Person Role playing Adventure Fantasy Rpg

Fine fantasy fun

The Ys series of fantasy RPGs is a pretty legendary one amongst genre fans, and stands comfortably alongside Final Fantasy and Zelda as fine examples. Ys VI is perhaps one of the better entries in the franchise and should be played by any self-respecting follower of RPGs. It is however a direct sequel to the fifth entry so unless you've played that one you might be a bit lost here. You once again find yourself in control of the main character from throughout the series and who finds himself washed up on shore after his ship is attacked by raiders. He soon gets caught up in a complex plot to find missing treasure and which takes him on a typically epic quest filled with danger, intrigue and lots of fighting. For the first time in the franchise, this one is in full 3D, with players able to explore a vast land and travel seamlessly between areas. The game is very much an action RPG, with a strong focus on combat which is both fast paced and exciting, while there are also lots of characters to meet, sidequests to complete and gear to obtain. For the most part, this is a cracking bit of fantasy fun and games, with lots of stuff to keep fans interested. There's the usual convoluted storyline which is pretty well told and packs in several memorable characters and a few twists and turns, and which should keep you hooked to the end. The visual design is top notch too, with lovely character and environmental design work that is chock full of personality. Any issues are minor and overall, this makes for an entertaining experience.

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