BloodRayne 2

Action 2004 Windows Terminal Reality Third Person Shooter Horror

Bloody Good Time

This is the game that first introduced me to the Blood Rayne series. The sequel improves upon the original in every way. Combat is more responsive, there are more vampire powers, the enemies, locales, and environmental carnage are more diverse. The only trade-off is the ranged weaponry. Instead of collecting weapons from fallen enemies, Rayne finds a pair of enchanted, or cursed, handguns that grow in strength along with her. The harpoon attack is featured in many moments. You will have to spear people at a distance and then throw them into certain other objects. Many other times, the option is there, and practical, but not necessary. It's great fun trying to find out the little spots where you can instantly impale and kill an opponent. Not only are you rewarded with a mess of blood, and sometimes a camera “final kill” shot, but the more carnage and more bloody you can be, the more your “carnage” meter fills, which is pretty much a nigh-invulnerable state where you go on a killing spree and rampage for a minute. Use it wisely. A scantily-clad kung-fu fighting lady vampire may seem like it's hitting the least common denominator, but it's a guilty pleasure of mine. Honestly, I like this game better than God of War.

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