Zee Artillery

Action 1999 Windows PLBM Games Third Person Arcade style

Scorched Earth like but in real time

In Zee Artillery you will get a stationary tank/missile launcher. Your goal is to destroy the enemy stationary missile launcher; however, hitting this can be a bit of an issue, since, each level puts a direct obstacle between you and the enemy tank; this means that you will have to control your shot in a less straightforward manner to reach the target. Thus, as in Scorched Earth, you have to try parabolic shots and also do a good job of predicting how the wind will impact your trajectory. Plus, your calculations, of speed, trajectory and moment of shooting have to be done as fast as possible, because the enemy operates in real time, so it's not like you have all the time in the world to fix your shot. Also, you can't really just shoot at random, because it takes a while for your tank to recharge, so, both accuracy and speed are central to the game. Graphically it's still a simple sidescroller count out game, but having been released in 99, it is much better done overall, so, those that hated the early looking, jagged lines of S.E. will surely enjoy the looks of this one.

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