Meat Puppet

Action 1997 Windows Playmates Interactive Entertainment Isometric Science Fiction

Oddly obscure action game, not bad at all

In Meat Puppet you play the role of a hardy gunner, a dude that is set in this rather derivative futuristic, punky, steam punky universe, where he endeavors to go on a destruction rampage. Everything you see is a target, so, before asking any questions you have to shoot. In fact that is the way you impart dialogue in the game, shoot, shoot, shoot! Yap, this is not a game on top of which you philosophize about the meaning of life, this is a game where you shoot. Your mind might wonder why each and every landscape looks like it's been used before, in some other game, and you'd be right to set your neural wavelengths towards this particular type of judgment! That is so because the game seems to avoid any original element with a vengeance, as if the developers set out to create the world's most devoid of character and personality top down shooter in history! But, as it is, you won't be disappointed, and depending on your experience with such shooters, you might not even notice this lack of character. Anyway, as long as you like mouse reticule bound shooters with WASD for movement controls, you'll have it all figured out. Not an original, not the most polished game out there, just a Plane Jane of the top down shooting genre, with bits stolen or similar to Crusader No Remorse, Zombie Smashers X and the like. It's an acquired taste for the bland, so be warned!

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