Zone Raiders

Simulation 1995 Windows Dosbox Virgin Interactive Unconventional Futuristic

Good racer in a dystopian universe

Zone Raiders is your race game that feels rather arcadey, sports a lo of rat mobiles, cars that seem made out of scraps and out of derelict pieces of material. But, within the universe of the game, this visual style does not feel out of place. On the contrary, the murkiness of the textures and the rather gloomy visual style, in tone with the dystopian future the game presents, coalesce into a very intriguing game. In terms of races themselves, if the game had sported nicer looking clothes, you would have thought this is some version of Ridge racer. Yes, it is that kind of game, which does not concern itself with conventions and with regular physics. Nope, it has its very own set of rules for how the vehicles are handled, and, while at it, it manages a rather diverse array of cars. Some will drive as if they were heavier, more bulkier, others will feel a bit more swift and speedy, but will ricochet more and bounce more. Therefore, depending on your preferred style of arcade driving, you ca find enough vehicles to choose from, to get to the experience you most desire. So, if you crave a darker looking, fun arcade racer game, Zone Raiders will surely provide what you are looking for.

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