Extreme G2

Simulation 1998 Windows Acclaim Unconventional Futuristic Racing

Racer with futuristic, Tron like bikes

Extreme G2 is a fast, steam punk meets futuristic robot city racer, with a great deal of variety both in terms of bikes as well as in terms of tracks. The game is delivered in 3D, with nice graphics. The great advantage of this game is that the tracks are all delivered as futuristic fantasy themed tracks, which means that a lot of practically impossible tracks are included. Thus, there are bends and twists, vertical slopes and jumps all over, making this game feel very interesting, very attractive visually. Of course, the controls had to be very fast and responsive, given how fast you move about in the tracks. And they are. The game is very easy to control, though, many of the tracks will require a lot of time to learn, as they can be very demanding and very hard to play. But, for all intents and purposes, Extreme G2 is very well balanced, even if not easy. If you'd like a Tron like racer, but even more diverse and with a 3D environment that makes sense, Extreme G2 is certainly it, a fantasy Sci Fi racer that will really entertain you.

Direct3D makes Extreme G2 even prettier.

Extreme G2 (XG2) is a stunning, fantastic looking futuristic racer by Acclaim and sequel to Extreme G which was released for the Nintendo 64. The PC version to Extreme G2 is rather forgotten, as Acclaim were heavily involved with the Nintendo 64 home console. Extreme G2 has an awesome selection of bikes, levels, modes and secrets, usually Acclaim were big with secrets and at the end of every championship you'll be gifted a secret code to change the game experience. Levels are twisted, wacky roller coaster type tracks with speed boost zippers and amazing air time. With the help of Direct3D experiencing above the speed of sound looks amazing! During the races there are pickups scattered around the track to knock off your fellow competitors or just slow them down to pass, every bike has standard laserbeam or laser gun to help weaken the shields of the other racers. Of course the drones also have this ability too. The overall experience of Extreme G2 is pushed to the max with the kick-ass soundtrack, if you love the sound of 90's dance and techno you'll have stacks of fun on Extreme G2. Totally recommended to anyone who loves races, let alone futuristic ones.

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