Simulation 1995 Windows Dosbox Bullfrog Unconventional Futuristic

A good futuristic racing simulation

It is a futuristic game with a racing theme and a simple concept. The plot here is that you will be racing in a tube track which moves forward endlessly. You will have a variety of different cars to race in the tube tracks and have to meet the time limit in order to win. The tube track is not just about race because they have added a wide verity of obstacles to make you waste you rime and you have to avoid them. The game progressive as you complete a track and so on. The level designs in the game due to the futuristic theme are quite unique and the graphics to support it are very vibrant and smooth. The whole set up makes the race quite thrilling and it keeps you interested all the way to the finish line. Graphics like said earlier are great but it is the animations in the game which really add stars to it. The A1 is really tough because you won't be easily able to meet the time in your racing. The UI is OK but the controls are prolific for a racing game of its time. Extreme G2 is another racing theme which has inspired me a lot and I enjoy playing both these games.

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