Slipstream 5000

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Hit'n run

Slipstream is a very nice example of what a great arcade race game should look like. Nice grahpics, solid animation, well designed tracks and abundance of cars to choose from - all in cool 3D graphics. This game has it all! The game is in a very cool futuristic settings and you are just one of the drivers that are battling to get to the finish point. As in most arcade racers, you're not just going to drive to win - you'll do your best do get other players out of the run in any way possible. Most of the time you'll get some cool special weapons system that you can use to disable your opponents with. The tracks vary from cool futuristic arenas to historical sights such as the Grand Canyon or Chicago. To drive in this game is truly a pleasure because the movement is very smooth and the response rate fantastic, albeit the animation is a wee bit slow. Still, the graphics are outstanding, the track are very fun and challenging and the sound system adequate. The game might not be the best in the franchise, but it is still well worth your time!

Futuristic first-person flying race

Slipstream is a nice futuristic first-person flying race. You choose your character and vehicle and equip it between races which costs money. During the race you use your weapons to slow down and damage your opponents and they do the same to you and to each other. During the race there are many small flying vehicles that are easily destroyed and leave upgrades behind, such as "turbo" or "repair". Play single race or try out yourself in championship.

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