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9 Poker (softstar poker) (pc game)
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  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Start the game
  • 9 Poker pc game
  • Cards game
  • Many cards
  • A pair
  • Select player
  • choose card
  • You must defeat him
  • Statistics
  • Black background
  • Winner
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Playable video poker; not too developed graphically

9 Poker is a video poker digitization of what feels like a video poker machine; thus, a lot of the direct play styles of video poker are included; you have normal hands, and guess the color hands, you get to choose the cards you want to keep around after each round, and you also get specials where your money winnings get really high. There is also a machine based sum of money that gets collected (and saved) every time you play. This bonus is harder to get at, yet not impossible, since the machine offers you, from time to time, this stage. Graphically, compared to one of those modern day poker casino games, I'd say it's all a little on the liter side, but, nonetheless, 9 Poker works fine, and is fun enough. Also, you can play as any of a number of anime characters, which is a great addition, a bit superfluous, yet cool enough and well, a bonus that not a lot of other games will offer you. Similarly, download Rei Poker, still a video poker digitization, and a good enough one, worth playing.