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Action Point (pc game)
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Horizontal plane shooter; fun for a while

With Action Point you will be a pilot of a sidescrolling moving plane. You will get quite a number of enemies to shoot at, or, if you don't manage to get them down, you will have to keep the plane out of the way. Graphically, Action Point is not a game that has been toiled over for too long; it's alright, it won't burn your eyes (!) but then again, it's not a looker. It's a budget game, with a nice array of colors and with levels designed to look alright, but never too quality oriented. It's going to keep you entertained, but don't expect it to have a lot more to offer than what it already has. If that's what you're looking for, Action Point will utterly disappoint. So, overall, if you want a game that offers you sidescrolling flight and shooting, Action Point will surely offer you a good dose of fun. But when all is said and done, it won't really be in your top 10 retro/remix games. Rather download a game such as R Type, which, even if very hard after the first few levels, is also a game that you can always count on to keep you entertained for the long run.