Simulation 2001 Windows Eidos Business Action Strategy Sci fi

Live the spatial odyssey!

Startopia is a 2001 simulation game, where you will manage a city in a post-apocalyptic era. More exactly, you will rebuild some starships and space-stations, that were once prosperous. Of course, things aren't that easy, because you will compete against other companies. The competition supposes adopting certain means in order to grow and expand your business and power. Also, among your priorities is included the task to revive and restore the life on the planets that were significantly destroyed. Take care of the numerous races of aliens, and give them a place to live in the galaxy! You can take advantages of this operation, because they can help you in your blooming work, by achieving huge profits and not only this. I appreciate this game especially for its innovation, that can be discovered in every part in this game, annd the longer you advance, you will discover new things. And let's be honest, originality is rare nowadays in the universe of gaming, where the cliches seem to be omnipresent. I don't say that this game doesn't take over some ideas from its similar ancestors, but Startopia uses them in a more authentic and fresh manner, being different from other ones. So, don't hesitate to try it!

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