Automotive Conservation

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Too simple car maintenance board game

The idea behind this game is definitely worth applauding; it's a game that wants to teach you about vehicular safety and maintenance, the importance of regular checkups and also of recycling. However it's a game without a true strategic backbone; it's a very lite version of Monopoly in the way it plays but much simpler; basically too much of the game is based on your luck, rather than luck just being a marker of the game, as it is in Monopoly. Still, it's fun to play, it has nice graphics, and, for very little kids it can be fun to play for a while. However, I can't see why they'd be interested in automotive insurance, car checking and the rest of the automotive maintenance work. So it's pretty much a game that barks at the wrong tree... But, then again, if you feel like a boardgame time waster, with cars and garages, then give it a try. It almost plays automatically, so, well, it's like a Cookie Clicker game, which might be what somebody is looking for at any given time. Though, sure, if you want a serious game of this build, Monopoly remains the staple.

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