Action Fighter

Action 1986 Dos Dosbox Firebird Software Arcade style Flight shooter

Be a racing action hero!

The game distills the life of a racing action hero quite well: one instant you are driving at full throttle down the road on your motorcycle; then, after the number of powerups that have been collected has hit the necessary amount you get a new toy, you get a Porsche. Drive with that one some more and collect the necessary number of powerups and guess what?! You're no longer affixed to the ground, nope, your Porsche gets the ultimate upgrade: flight capabilities, yo! Also, all this power is not dispensed at no cost, nope, youwill ultimately be responsible for the destruction of the last boss, which is much more difficult to beat than the intermediary ones. But it's all done in the name of saving the president of this action hero land, and so worth it. Graphically it looks like NES 8bit, maybe a bit too cartoony. But not at all unwarranted. So, give it a go, try it, play it. It's a nice simple action and driving romp that is highly enjoyable if you lived on action games, top down, NES like. Alternatively download RoboCop.

Ported from Sega

Action Fighter is a conversion of SEGA's hit created originally for Sega consoles. Later on, Core Design converted this game onto all popular platforms of that time. The game is an up-scrolling shooter, fast and fun on short terms. You are a secret agent, driving in three different vehicles. There are five missions you need to accomplish and each mission is divided in two parts: the first one is driving through the streets and the second one takes place in the air. Every level starts off with you driving the bike. As you shoot more and more enemies, letters will appear (you can see the letter boxes from A to F above the action screen). When you pick up letter 'D', the bike will change into the car. After picking up 'F' you'll just need to drive up to the end of the road and will transform into an airplane. Airplane can shoot and throw bombs on the ground targets.

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