River City Ransom - Street Gangs

Arcade 1989 Nintendo Technos Japan Side scrolling

As good a beat em up as on the NES!

River City Ransom - Street Gangs is a game I mainly pled on my trusty NEs, and, this DOS version seems to be pretty much the same deal. What this one does differently is offer you a bit more better sprites for the enemies, and I'd say better overall colors and more pixels, but then again, playing a game like this on a small screen Dos Box style had nothing on the flicker, often times in and out tube screen that was the house of my NES! Anyway, it's a sidescroller beat em up, with characters that are cartoonish. The great thing about it is that, apart from most other brawlers, it had a lot more moves for your player character and also, the enemies were often times smarter than what you'd expect from a typical beat em up. Not that it's the smartest game out there, but it sure has more going on for it than other such games. So, yeah, if brawl and beat em up, left to right is your thing, you can't go wrong with River City Ransom - Street Gangs, a game that really sticks to its guns. Alternatively, see for instance, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game which is a much better experience graphically, a game that is more of a 16 bit era brawler graphically.

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